What SeamsCloud Does

Our Range of Services

One size does not fit all. We understand that each company has different needs and goals, so our customer success comes from making sure we cater to your business training requirements.

Ultimately, we provide 3 core solutions to our Clients – a Cloud LMS, bespoke eLearning modules, or off-the-shelf eLearning modules. Typically via consultation with our Clients, we can recommend the solution(s) that will best fit their business needs.

Benefits of Online Training

The benefits of eLearning, including work-life balance and cost savings, make it a worthwhile investment for your company. Here are our top  reasons why you should train your staff with SeamsCloud.

Audit-Ready Records

Efficiently manage, track and deliver your corporate learning through one intuitive learning platform.

Easy Onboarding

Train more learners than ever before with a scalable LMS. No capital outlay, just a small predictable charge per person each year.

Training on the Go

Your learners can take their training online, anytime, anywhere and on any device. The cloud platform lets you take training on the go.

Cost Savings

Our training can save up to 80% on traditional training costs.

Training Library Availabile

Our LMS system gives you access to our content library or we can help you convert and update your existing training materials.

Encourage Compliance

Unlock the competitive spirit of your staff members. Learners can earn badges for completing training and you may optionally enable a leaderboard to rank the top learners.