Superior Guest Excellence

Superior Guest Excellence is a Hospitality specific customer service programme which highlights and encourages the behaviours and attitudes required for excellent guest service and highlights the power of the individual in creating Superior Guest Excellence moments and experiences within the hospitality environment.

Superior Guest Excellence eLearning Module

Course Details

eLearning Module Sample on tablet

The Superior Guest Excellence module lasts an average of 45 minutes. 

1. The Guest Journey & First Impressions
2. Emotions & Positivity
3. Make a Difference / WOW Moments
4. Show What You Know – Enhancing the Guest Experience

– To learn that the guest experience is a never ending journey and the importance of first impressions.
– To learn that positive behaviours, positive attitudes and being yourself are key in delivering guest service.
– To learn from real examples of key moments that impact on the guest’s journey.
– The impact of your own knowledge on enhancing the quality of the guest experience.

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