The Importance of having an onboarding/induction process

The Importance of having an onboarding/induction process - Blog Post

Onboarding refers to the process of introducing a new employee to an organisation. The task of onboarding is usually managed by Human Resource managers or Training managers.

Onboarding encompasses salary negotiations, paperwork, policy and culture training and benefits education for example. Research has shown that 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for more than three years if they experience great onboarding.

Traditionally onboarding would have taken place on day one, when a new employee arrives at the workplace. In the age of Learning Management Systems, preboarding is a phenonium that has grown.

There are a number of factors that influence the onboarding/ preboarding process which include budget, management experience and their level of creativity. It is something that should be invested in as employees are often much more engaged with an organisation when they have had a positive and interactive onboarding experience.

By using an LMS to pre-board new hires, they will acclimatise and feel like they are prepared to start on their first day. Once policies have been read and the staff handbook revised on the LMS, it can also be used for setting up clear guidelines for new hires to follow on their first day or week of arriving at the workplace.

For example, around 50% of employees worry that they will be late on their first day. A simple set of guidelines will make a new hire feel comfortable and at ease as they enter the new organisation.

An LMS preboarding programme can also include a virtual workplace walk-through, an introductory webinar and perhaps even a meet-the-team section where new hires can get familiar with their team.

Another benefit of an LMS with onboarding is that it makes compliance easier. New hires who carry out their induction on an LMS will mean management will be able to track and record their training and progress.

It is important however that any onboarding process that is implemented using an LMS is results orientated and that there is a support system behind it. The aim should be to engage the new hire and provide a roadmap for career growth.

An LMS will cut the onboarding time as information can be provided in small micro courses that users can revise on the go rather than sitting with a member of the HR team. Using an LMS during the onboarding process can easily set the tone so that new hires know what is expected of them. It also establishes a learning culture which tends to motivate employees as they are training and development-orientated.

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