The Dos & Don’ts of Online Training

The Dos & Don’ts of Online Training - Blog Post

Online learning or eLearning comes with its’ challenges and although there are various benefits for businesses in adopting eLearning approaches, there are some things management should know and pass on to their subordinates.

Firstly it is important that to begin learning online, staff must be prepared and disciplined. This comes down to company culture and organisational structures. Over the last number of months, employees will have gained numerous skills in the realm of independent working and working towards targets and objectives in their own time.

When it comes to engaging in eLearning, remember first of all to incorporate study breaks into your session. This comes with setting a schedule that you stick to.

If you are set with 6 various modules to complete before an established date, do not leave all 6 modules until the night before. You wouldn’t sit through back-to-back classes in a physical classroom environment so why would you do it while learning online?

There are various study time management techniques out there that were created for traditional learning but ensure to work for a block of time and have a rest period.

When employing an online learning approach for employees, management and training managers in particular need to remember to appoint a point of contact for staff and subordinates to be able to come to so that they can address any concerns and iron out any issues.

Without having a point of contact, staff can lose interest in their learning and lose focus on the goals they want to achieve whether that be a promotion or a pay grade increase.

Remember to inform staff not to assume that they can learn anywhere. You have read that right. We all know that one of the benefits of eLearning and mobile learning, in particular, is that it can be carried out anywhere, however, employees need to also remember will they take on board all of the information and will they benefit by taking part in a module while sitting in the living room with a toddler running about and day time television on in the background.

Management needs to remember to include assessment tools to assess if staff have taken away anything from the training and also as a way to focus learners.

Training assessments can be in the form of multiple choice questions and from our experience here at SeamsCloud, we have found that applying real-life work experience scenarios will allow employees to relate to the information more and allow them to interpret information in a way where they will be able to use it in the workplace.

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