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Skills Revolution - Blog Post

The World Economic Forum has suggested that a skills revolution is needed. Why wait, be ahead of the curve and your closest competitor and prioritise training today.

The World Economic Forum suggest that more than 1 billion people will need to reskill by 2020.

They have also highlighted that by 2022, 42% of core skills that are needed for performing jobs that exist today will be different meaning that training and upskilling will be essential for staff and employees to carry out daily tasks for businesses to function.

The World Economic has stressed that the world is facing a reskilling emergency. In the next decade, technology will continue to impact the world of business and will have a huge impact on jobs.

The United Nations has described the next decade as the ‘decade of delivery’ where efforts are focused on creating a sustainable world. If that is the case, skills and resources need to be available and accessible for a homogenous approach to reaching such objectives.

G20 countries face a huge financial threat if they fail to act on delivering a sustainable economy in the next ten years.

Studies have shown that skill development on how to interact with others will be vital in the next 5 to 10 years. Many would feel that technology skills would be at the forefront but as millennials and baby boomers enter the workforce, these employees will naturally have these skills at their fingertips.

Communication skills and soft skills in general will be vital and learning and developing skills in sales and negotiating will be more important than ever. As businesses endeavour to become green and implement sustainable approaches, they need to invest in training staff to be open to change and creative.

These skills will allow employees to think outside of the box and bring ideas to the table to help organisations become the best in their field and step ahead of their competitors. Training staff on idea generation and the process of suggesting ideas will not only encourage intrapreneurship but will also increase motivation and productivity. It will also allow employees to achieve personal actualisation 

Training and future-proofing the workforce is the best strategy for fortifying growth and diversifying into new markets. As 2020 has shown us, nobody knows what is around the corner and we can only strive to be stronger as we try to rebuild businesses and business relationships in the final quarter.

Here at Seamscloud, we can provide training modules for soft skills and how to help with stress management or even build modules to create a sustainable approach for your business.

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