Returning to Work Government Protocol

Returning to Work Government Protocol - Blog Post

The government has announced a workplace protocol that signalled the beginning of the new normal.  SeamsCloud offers online training and can help your organisation get post-COVID-19 ready over the next few weeks.

The protocol released aims to put measures in place to stop the spread of COVID-19 and to allow businesses to open back up and restart the economy. All employees must understand the procedures and policies that the government have drawn up and safely return to the workplace.

Using an LMS will not only easily show compliance and record training, it will also make it engaging and interactive and gamification will allow employees to see their progress.

Using an LMS will also meet social distancing guidelines which are here to stay for the months ahead while our counterparts in the world fight in the race to create and test a vaccine against the COVID-19 virus which has infected so many people around the world.

The government protocol stresses communication and a shared collaborative approach between employees and employers. The government has stated that employees should take part in training at least 3 days in advance of returning to work.

There are various aspects which need to be covered including hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and procedures for what to do if you return to work and suspect that you are displaying COVID-19 symptoms.

At SeamsCloud, we have developed training modules that can help you to train staff to be COVID-19 responsible and help prevent a second wave and even a second lockdown causing further financial strain.

At this time, businesses need to work together and collaborate in creating a homogenous and robust training programme to ensure that every stakeholder within an organisation is on the same page and understands what is expected of them.

 It is also important that after training, management is open and listens to employees and is aware of what employees expect from management during these unprecedented times.

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