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Mobile Learning Today - Blog Post

Mobile learning or mlearning involves learning via social and content interactions while using personal electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, game consoles and smartphones.

Studies have looked at how mLearning also allows for better learning as it offers bite-size learning experiences. It has been reported that microlearning is 22% more effective.

mlearning has one major advantage and that is convenience. It can be completed on the go or in any environment whether it be in the office or remotely. Today learners are much more likely to engage with digital platforms than paper book learning. It is informal and allows learners to relax and take on board information and ideas with a clear head.

Traditional learning settings were more rigid and meant a learner had to show up at a certain time and often sit at an uncomfortable desk and try to engage with information in a room which may have been too hot, too cold or house other distractions. Many experts tell learners to find an area that is comfortable to learn or revise in and mobile learning allows this to happen. 

Another advantage of mLearning is the option to quickly attach video and audio resources. This helps with engagement and creating an internal memory to associate theories that a learner may need to remember.

mlearning also reduces training costs as everybody carries mobile technology with them on a day-to-day basis. Providing engaging content that employees can log into and complete while travelling for work is both economical and efficient as employees can use the time that other wise may have been wasted completing training tasks and developing their skills.

Another reason why mobile learning is beneficial is that learners can receive notifications and updates on the go and be reminded of training deadlines and events. It is important to be flexible when it comes to online training but set goalposts and milestones for mobile learners to focus on.

The flexibility to adapt or change the focus of training while using mobile learning devices is much easier. Users will see messages and updates on a mobile device a lot quicker than both traditional learning tools and desktop tools.

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