LMS Implementation Guide – The 6 Steps to Launch

LMS Implementation Guide – The 6 Steps to Launch - Blog Post

SeamsCloud LMS implementation is a multi-step process that we provide as a fully managed service to all new clients.

Our experienced team of LMS professionals will guide you through everything from project scope to launch including system configuration, integration, local/global roll-out, administration, training and much more.

From our experience, we know that no two LMS implementations are ever the same. That’s because every client has different requirements, data and training schedules that they are trying to fulfil.

At SeamsCloud we strive to tailor the process for our client based on the complexity, the number of users/locations/courses, data migration, the scope of integration and other variable factors. It’s a structured process and one that we know always gets results.

Preparing for the journey ahead…

In order to make the short journey to LMS launch as streamlined as possible, we provide our clients with regular implementation updates, user guides and data templates in order to simplify the process.

Note – If your business is planning an LMS implementation or you are switching LMS providers and have years of historical data that needs to be retained, then a fully managed LMS implementation like the service that we provide is the sensible solution.

Timeline of Events – The 6 Steps to LMS Launch!

This concise timeline of events should give you an idea of how easy it is to implement our cloud-based SaaS LMS.

  • Client effort required: 20%… SeamsCloud experts will do most of the heavy lifting.
  • Average time to LMS launch: It’s estimated at 2-3 weeks until the system goes live.

Step 1 – Planning Stage

Our experts and your project manager will work together to scope the implementation process. We will then fully manage the implementation process for you, providing you with updates on progress.

Step 2 – Design & Development Stage

You want the LMS system to feel like your own, unique to your business and to reflect your internal business structure making it easy for administrators to assign training to the correct departments. At this stage, we will add branding, corporate colours and configure the menu structure to reflect your business for you.

Step 3 – Data Management Stage

We will assist you by taking your existing data records if required, import them to the system and we can even associate the information with the correct user profiles, stored online in a database for you to access at any time.

Step 4 – System Configuration and Settings Stage

When the previous steps have been completed, we will now configure and align the system with the required user permission levels, training sequences, email notification frequency and automated reporting etc.

Step 5 – Training Stage

As it’s never a case of ‘set and forget’ our SeamsCloud experts will provide formal training for system administrators. We can tailor your training workflows towards the specific user or role requirements and ensure you achieve your business and training goals.

Step 6 – System Test and Launch Phase

Our LMS team will provide comprehensive end-to-end testing to ensure the system is fully operational before launch. As it’s a cloud-based LMS, this means that the system is completely bug-free at this final stage and ready for launch.

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If you’ve completed these 6 steps then congratulations, you have successfully launched your LMS with minimal effort!

So what’s next?

Dedicated, Ongoing Support from the SeamsCloud LMS team

We will provide you with self-service user guides and video tutorials as you need them. Alternatively, you will have access to email support, live support and phone support from your dedicated account manager.

We know that the LMS launch is ‘only the beginning’ of the journey, and we will remain on hand to provide support if and when you require it.

The SeamsCloud LMS Mission

At SeamsCloud we pride ourselves on our professional approach to each and every LMS implementation we provide.

We use our expertise to ensure your LMS implementation or legacy LMS migration goes as smoothly as possible from scope to launch.

Our ethos is to focus on our client’s unique business needs and their bespoke requirements and we use our vast experience, resources and track record to guide you every step of the way through your implementation.

It’s our mission to always provide our clients and partners with the best LMS experience possible.

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