The 5 Benefits of LMS for Staff Induction in Hospitality

The 5 Benefits of LMS for Staff Induction in Hospitality - Blog post

Why choose LMS for Hospitality?

Hospitality businesses invest significantly both in terms of time and money on the recruitment of seasonal staff, particularly around Christmas time.

The ‘new employee’ induction and training phase plays a key role when trying to get vast amounts of new seasonal hires trained and compliant efficiently.

Gone are the days when there was time for face-to-face classroom training and the induction phase was a 3-day long ordeal.

With modern technology such as LMS for Hospitality, employee induction goes one step further and engages the new employees even before they set foot in the door on day one.

Learning Management Systems can be used to deliver online training, company policy documents, contracts and standard operating procedures in order to close knowledge gaps faster and get the new employees to contribute much faster.

1. Faster Hospitality Induction for Seasonal Employees

Utilising digital solutions like a cloud-based learning management system will improve the new employee induction process as well as provide tangible time-saving benefits. The LMS also affords greater visibility and control to HR or L&D managers.

This ‘digital’ approach takes away the administrative headache of high-volume seasonal recruitment drives reducing both time and errors.

The LMS provides a centralised database containing all the relevant induction and training information such as welcome documentation, standard operating procedures, staff handbooks, contracts and compliance documentation etc.  The system provides total visibility for both the hiring team and the new starter.

2. ‘Pre-Start’ Induction Training

Providing employee training is a fundamental part of the induction process.  If you want a confident employee who is ready to hit the ground running and ready to provide you with results, then you must invest the time and resources to train and support them from the moment they accept the job.

80% of hospitality employees have said that they would have settled in quicker had there been a better induction process. By using an LMS as a delivery mechanism, important documentation and necessary pre-reading can be sent ahead of the first day so that new employees and HR both know what needs to be completed and most importantly have a database record when it has been completed.

3. Easily Achieve Hospitality Industry Compliance

The hospitality industry is subject to numerous regulations and compliance standards which can include the Health & Safety Authority, environmental waste, Consumer Protection Commission and now in Europe, there is even G.D.P.R.

Your business and its employees need to understand the current compliance regulations and in achieving this, a Learning Management System can be an invaluable tool.

Compliance laws change on a regular basis and updating physical course material to reflect these changes can be a time-consuming and costly task.  However, using an LMS gives you the ability to easily add new compliance changes to your online training within minutes and assign it to your employees to be retaken immediately.

It’s a smart way to ensure that your business stays on top of the latest compliance regulations and will avoid incurring costly penalties.

4. Reduce your Learning & Development Costs

Owning an LMS gives you the power to completely do away with training instructor costs and printed materials.  By delivering training online it means you can save a sizable sum on your Learning and Development budget to invest in other areas of your business.  You will no longer need to worry about printing and binding manuals or booking space for training because all the information you need is contained within the LMS and delivered directly to everyone to take the training online.

5. Track Learner Progress and Performance

The top Learning Management Systems provide training managers with the ability to keep track of each and every individual learning progress. This way they can be sure that employees are achieving their training goals.  Many of the top Learning Management Systems feature powerful reporting and analytics tools that allow managers to pinpoint areas of staff training programs that may be lacking.  Having this level of visibility will allow you to discover if employees are consistently struggling to achieve certification in a training module and you can assess the content to make necessary modifications.

Conclusion… LMS is the most effective Training Solution for Hospitality

It can’t be stressed enough that the secret to a faster induction, training and onboarding process for hospitality employees is by using a learning management system. An LMS is designed to systematically train hundreds or even thousands of seasonal staff at the same time.

Automating your employee induction and training programs is also a great way to introduce your new employees to a company’s culture, make them feel more welcome and get them up to speed a lot faster.

The real value of a well-planned employee induction process comes from the impact it has on your employees’ lifetime value. A successful onboarding process gets your new hires off on the correct footing, meaning they become productive much faster and will stick around much longer

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