Learning Paths have Arrived - SeamsCloud Release 5.1.0​

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We are excited to announce the introduction of Learning Paths into our LMS; SeamsCloud, with our latest release, 5.1.0.

A significant enhancement designed to streamline the training journey, this powerful new feature represents a strategic approach to learning, offering a curated sequence of courses that guide learners through a structured development process in a given domain. Learning Paths are engineered to enhance learner engagement by providing a focused, relevant experience that eliminates the guesswork from selecting courses and training order. They ensure a coherent educational progression, enabling learners to efficiently acquire expertise and achieve their professional goals. Moreover, the visibility of progress within these paths motivates learners by clearly demonstrating their advancement and remaining milestones as well as giving managers a glanceable measure of progress. In essence, Learning Paths are a commitment to learners’ success, offering a direct, efficient, and comprehensive route to skill mastery and career advancement.

How do they work?

So, how will Learning Paths impact you and how do they work?
As a training manager, the introduction of Learning Paths represents a significant enhancement to your instructional toolkit. You possess the autonomy to select the courses, dictate their sequence, and customize their presentation style to align precisely with the developmental needs of your team. This bespoke approach ensures that the training provided is not only relevant but also structured in a manner that optimally facilitates the acquisition of skills. With our new dedicated page for constructing these Learning Paths, the process becomes seamless and efficient, enabling you to focus on crafting an educational journey that is as effective as it is engaging.

What’s Happening to ‘Follow Up’ Courses?

It may have occurred to some that the newly introduced Learning Paths bear resemblance to the existing ‘Follow Up’ courses in terms of functionality. Indeed, while there is a degree of overlap, it is important to underscore that Learning Paths are designed with the intention of greatly surpassing the capabilities that ‘Follow Up’ courses currently offer. Nevertheless, it is acknowledged that, at present, there remain specific scenarios wherein ‘Follow Up’ courses serve use-cases that Learning Paths have not yet been designed to accommodate. Consequently, for those who are currently utilizing ‘Follow Up’ courses, it is affirmed that no immediate changes will be necessitated by the introduction of Learning Paths. Your existing setup will remain unaffected, and you may continue to use ‘Follow Up’ courses as per your established practices. Simultaneously, you are also invited to explore and integrate Learning Paths into your repertoire, should you so choose.

Looking ahead, it is among our objectives to eventually phase out ‘Follow Up’ courses, transitioning entirely to Learning Paths. This transition, however, will be planned to ensure that it does not proceed until we can guarantee a seamless migration of all existing ‘Follow Up’ course workflows into Learning Paths, without any compromise in functionality. The transition will be engineered to be as effortless as possible, eliminating the necessity for manual reconfigurations of your current setups.

Final Thoughts

The introduction of Learning Paths represent an exciting step forward in our mission to create a truly great training experience for both learners and managers. We hope you will gain significant benefits from them as we also continue to improve them into the future, adding new capabilities and enhancements. As always, we welcome feedback from our customers if you have thoughts on how Learning Paths, or any other parts of SeamsCloud can be improved to help you achieve your training outcomes.

Marcus Aurelius once said, “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” This philosophy reminds us that when we encounter learning challenges along our learning path, they are not mere obstacles obstructing our journey to completion; rather, they constitute the path itself as it is through confronting and overcoming these challenges that we facilitate our own growth and development.


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The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.

Marcus Aurelius

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