How online training can help manage stress

How online training can help manage stress - Blog Post

Stress is the body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat.  The body reacts to this demand physically, mentally and emotionally. Stress may also affect how you behave. Stress can affect everything from your eating habits to aches and muscle pains to your sleeping pattern.

You might say, avoid the situation, but sometimes avoiding the situation which is the root of the stress is impossible. For example, a working environment is not something that can be avoided. It may not be as easy to remove yourself from a specific working environment or to leave a job.

Leaving a job does not necessarily teach you how to manage stress and it will not resolve future episodes of stress. The best thing that any employer can do is to provide stress management training or offer a training course that teaches employees how to identify stress.

A good stress management course should show employees the tools that are needed to reduce stress and techniques to refocus and find solutions without becoming overly affected by stress. They can also help employees to identify the signs of stress.

Studies have shown that stress management influences how employees engage with organisations. Many employees highly value that organisations are invested in stress and mental health. When an organisation invests in stress management, several benefits are unlocked.

The first of those benefits is retention and acquisition. Employees who are satisfied and valued are less likely to leave their roles due to stress. They will use the tools that they have been given to them to deal with the situation that is causing them stress and find a solution to meet their goals and accomplish their tasks while managing stress.

A company that actively promotes and offers stress management will have less absenteeism. Stress is one of the leading causes of absenteeism in the workplace. As staff utilise the tools given to them after engaging in stress management training, stress and anxiety-related absences will fall.

The overall organisation culture and staff morale will be increased and staff will be happier and more satisfied when they can control their stress and manage it effectively.

The three aforementioned benefits will also create spin-off advantages such as increased productivity and profitability. Employees will be more committed to the organisation and will feel that there are open channels to discuss issues and handle stress.

Stress management training can be easily implemented. Here at SeamsCloud we have a stress management module that can help any organisation and its stakeholders manage their stress. For more information, please fill out the form below.

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