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eLearning Savings - Blog Post

Training is a human resource activity that is essential for the continued development and enhancement of staff skills. We are all aware of the benefits that regular training brings to an organisation. In the past, a lot of organisations ignored these benefits as often they felt that the opportunity cost was greater than what was achieved.

This mindset slows the growth rate of a company and leads to a high staff turnover which in turn can create a financial impact.

A high staff turnover will mean HR is constantly filling and refilling roles as well as interviewing and sending out job descriptions via recruiters or paid advertisements. Then there is the onboarding cost as well as the time that it takes to introduce a new staff member to a team.

The development of learning management systems has meant that the costs often once associated with training are now somewhat lower.

Adopting a move to an online training approach will reduce travel costs where once upon a time staff and teams all had to travel to one place to take part in a classroom course. Today staff can take part in training online and from their desks and during the pandemic the comfort of their own home.

There is also huge savings as there is no venue cost. In the past, it was common for organisations to book a venue for training and workshops. If training is something that is a regular part of your annual calendar, which it should be, this adds up. This cost can spiral when you are training various teams at various times.

If this content is switched to an online environment, there are no venue costs and no lunch or coffee expenses which are often a staple part of the workshop daily programme. 

Training often involves external trainers coming on board to educate and develop skills from their area of expertise. An online approach means that costs are reduced for any external instructors as they are not travelling to a physical classroom setting.

As well as being more environmentally friendly, eLearning reduces the need for paper and physical supplies. Printouts are also unnecessary, and a good trainer will also provide access to the slides at the end of a training session. Therefore, printing costs are completely minimal and often there are none at all.

During the onboarding process, an online introduction programme will save management a lot of time and money. Management needs to focus on overseeing the onboarding process and clarifying the most important aspects rather than taking time to fully complete the onboarding process.

Moving training online does not have to cost a lot of money. We here at Seamscloud have a vast range of on-the-shelf modules that can allow your team to manage their stress, develop their communication skills and more.

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