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Diversity Training - Blog Post

Diversity training involves creating an awareness of diversity issues in a company. The main objective of diversity training is to promote inclusiveness and to create an understanding of one another.

In today’s world, teams are made up of members who originate from all corners of the globe. In the modern world, people travel a lot more than they ever did before. As deadlines and project milestones dominate a busy week, staff rarely get a chance to stop and maybe understand why a staff member completes a process the way that they do.

Diversity training sets out to open one’s mind up to understand these reasons and also encourage them to work in this way perhaps.

The concept of diversity training began in the sixties around the time of the civil rights movement. At that time the main focus was colour, but over the years diversity training has progressed to include creating an awareness of disability, religion, gender and even sexuality.

Diversity training can also cover personality. This is especially important in a team setting to help with communication and to understand why someone communicates the way that they do.

Understanding what is the best way to communicate with a staff member who may be more of an introvert will allow for a better working environment which in turn will lead to increased efficiencies.

Taking the time to appreciate a colleague’s attitudes and opinions will only benefit the team in the long term. It is important not to cross the personal life line, but to encourage staff to think critically about how their values influence their work decisions and work attitudes.

Every organisation in every industry require teams to function. If a leader looks at their organisation, they will see a range of diverse individuals all skilled in their particular fields. These staff members will all have different backgrounds, different values, different motives and instead of ignoring these, one should encourage them to share these values.

Diversity Training will help staff learn to respect their co-workers more. A diverse workplace where values are respected will also create a positive working environment and make your organisation attractive to graduates. In Ireland today, 86% of millennials research the company culture of an organisation when applying for a role.

Diversity training will create a variety of perspectives and make decision-making well rounded and balanced. A diverse thinking may be the way that your organisation overtakes its’ closest competitor.

A positive and open organisation will help create a good brand image and make a real impact in the world.

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