What is an LMS and what are the Benefits?

What is an LMS and what are the Benefits? - blog post

Staff recruitment is challenging and depending on your type of business it can be a struggle to recruit and train large volumes of seasonal staff. In sectors that have a high turnover of staff, it’s a huge ongoing challenge to keep employees trained and ready to do their job. Thankfully there is a solution to this challenge and a way to train hundreds of new and existing employees simultaneously by using a cloud-based LMS like SeamsCloud.

The Benefits of using an LMS for employee Induction and Onboarding

  1. It’s Extremely Cost effective

Recruiting and training new staff members can be one of the costliest ongoing activities for a business, particularly in high staff turnover sectors.

Think about all of the time it takes to induct and train new staff and all of the associated costs. When employees decide not to stick around, your business will then incur the same costs all over again in order to train someone new.

You reduce this cost and save up to 80% on your current induction, training and onboarding costs using a learning management system.

By implementing a fully automated learning management system it saves you lots of time and money because you only have to map out and import your training content to the LMS once and then assign the training workflow to new employees as they arrive. Even if you need to update your content often, it’s still a lot more cost-effective than having to pay a trainer to retrain your employees repeatedly.

  1. Mobile Friendly Training Delivery

The LMS is mobile friendly and ‘fully responsive’, which means that your retail training programs work beautifully on all sorts of devices – including desktop, laptop smartphone and tablet.

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Your employees can take their training, tests and courses using their own mobile devices when they have free time at home or commuting to work and they don’t have to train during working hours. We’ve found that up to 85% of retail training using our SeamsCloud LMS happens outside of working hours.

  1. Multiple Locations & Compliance Training

Compliance training can be a bit of a headache for all businesses. It can be particularly overwhelming and costly if you have hundreds of employees spread across multiple locations. Through the implementation of an LMS, compliance training becomes manageable and by using the system it ensures that:

  • Training becomes consistent and uniform across multiple locations. Employees can take training anytime, anywhere making it easier to meet with compliance deadlines.
  • Training is delivered online as e-learning modules that have interactive and engaging content making compliance training content less boring and monotonous.
  • Employee training can be tracked so you know who is taking the training, how many have completed the training and who has yet to start. The LMS makes it possible to send reminders to those who have yet to commence training.
  • The LMS will generate and store the reports required by regulatory authorities to prove the completion of training and validation of learning.
  • Within the LMS it is easy to update your online training courses, this ensures that training and processes are always the most current and relevant to the business.
  • An LMS makes deploying mandatory compliance on health and safety and other issues extremely cost-effective. With minimum effort courses can reach all your employees and if needed, courses can be amended without too much cost or effort.

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